Jonathan Shalvi

UX & Front-End Development Portfolio

I'm a Front-End Engineer living in Chicago, IL. I work at Orbitz Worldwide where I lead a handful of engineers in development of responsive features.

Orbitz Client-side Filtering

Lead effort to implement a single-page application of the Orbitz flight results page using Backbone. The application reduces response time and enables new features.

Screenshot of the client-side filtering experience
Screenshot of the original server-side filtering experience

Orbitz Multiple Destinations Prototype

Worked in a team of four to win a company-wide hackathon for development of a feature to search multiple air destinations which may be viewed in a Google Map interface.

Screenshot of the Orbitz Multiple Destinations Prototype

Divvy inter-neighborhood visualization

I participated in the 2014 Divvy Data Challenge, creating an interactive visualization of bikeshare traffic among Chicago neighborhoods using D3. My entry won zero awards.

Pizza Hut Pizza Builder

I implemented the Pizza Builder as part of a 2009 redesign of Pizza Hut's eCommere site. It was a single-page application written in vanilla JavaScript. It was in production from 2009 to 2014. I once saw it in a Super Bowl commercial.

Screenshot of the Pizza Hut Pizza Builder interface

The Playground Theater

Rebuilt and redesigned site from the ground up using Django. Site was active from 2007-2014.

Screenshot of The Playground homepage